Here we go again!

Nothing helps! We have to go again!!!

No, it’s not the wanderlust. No, it’s not the bad weather in Germany. No, it’s not the longing for the sea.

The reason why we have to get going again is a very simple one! And it’s called:

Stretch Tite

It was in 2008 or 2009 – unfortunately we don’t have an exact date – when we bought a roll of stretch foil from Price Smart in Panama City. This roll of Stretch Tite cling film has served us faithfully to this day !!!! The packaging has suffered considerably over time, but the foil has worked perfectly all these years. It has helped to preserve food, it has sealed, it has packed and it has stuck very well to everything.

But now it’s practically gone!

There’s just a hint of foil left on the paper roll and our trusty plastic wrap is almost used up after more or less 15 years together. And now we just have to get going again.

In our opinion, the only sensible and absolutely logical way to get a new roll of StretchTite is to sail to Panama and buy supplies there. Maybe we’ll buy two rolls straight away? They should hopefully last us for the next 25 to 30 years, right?

The mill has been sold. So we only need a boat!

And since we still have a bit of foil left, once we have the boat we won’t head straight for Panama, but will take a more leisurely approach to the trip this time and maybe make a detour to the Mediterranean. With our intensive use, two square meters of foil should actually last another two years 😉

PS: One reason for the long collaboration with the StretchTite roll may be that the roll initially contained 500 sq ft, i.e. just over 45 m². In addition, we naturally avoid the use of disposable plastic products in the household whenever possible!