Big News – We have split up!

Yes, it’s sad but true, we’ve split up! We had some good years, but now it’s over.

No, no, of course we’re not breaking up! That’s not possible!!! But we are parting ways with the Daverdener Mühle.

When we first told people about our mill purchase in spring 2016, everyone in our family and circle of friends probably thought we were slightly crazy. To be honest, we even suspect that they thought we were completely bonkers 😉 And to be honest, we were also a little scared of our own courage. A huge estate, a property over 100 years old and absolutely no idea about gardening? I’m sure there were one or two bets as to whether we would last longer than six months 🙂

But we took up the challenge and transformed the mill – and the garden in particular – into a true paradise over the years. One project followed the next, one new garden seating area or new flower bed followed the next. We have spent wonderful hours with friends in the garden, celebrated numerous mill parties and even hosted a few movie screenings in the mill cinema. In spring 2023, however, the last, but really the very last garden project was completed and it was clear to us by then that the mill phase of our lives was coming to an end.

In the fall of 2023, we therefore commissioned real estate agent Florian Wellmann to sell the mill. He and his colleague Farnaz Hug impressed us with their concept and offered a very good service. It was clear to us from the outset that the sale would not happen „just like that“. The property is simply too special and not zero 8 fifteen enough for that. In addition, the economic conditions, with high interest rates and rising inflation, did not offer the ideal environment for quick sales and high prices. In our minds, we had therefore classified a time frame of 12 months for the sale as realistic.

In the end, things went faster than expected. A buyer has been found and the ink is dry on the contract. Now it’s time to pack everything up and head for new shores. When, how, what and where? You’ll find out shortly here, of course 🙂

Photos (c) Florian Wellmann Real Estate