Boat cat Lucky?

We thought about it for a long time and weighed up the alternatives. Do we take our cat Lucky on board with us or do we look for a new home for him on land? Could he perhaps even stay with the new owners at the mill? In the end, we couldn’t really decide, so we are now planning three parallel strategies.

Alternative 1: Lucky can stay at the mill

Probably the best solution for Lucky. He knows his territory, knows where he has to go and can keep to his daily routines. He will probably get used to new „can openers“ quickly. Whether it will be enough for an absolute relationship of trust with daily hours together on the sofa remains to be seen and will certainly depend on the new inhabitants of the mill.

Alternative 2: Lucky will be adopted

We are trying to find a new home for Lucky on land among family, friends and acquaintances. He would then have to get used to a new territory and new people, but would hopefully settle in quickly and lead a comparable life on land. It will probably be a little more difficult for the new „can opener“ to gain Lucky’s trust, but we still think it is absolutely possible that he will quickly feel at home in a new environment.

So: If you have always wanted to have a sweet, black and white tomcat, you are welcome to contact us!!

Alternative 3: Lucky may come on board with us

As long as alternative 1 or 2 are not confirmed, we simply assume that Lucky will come on board with us. That way we could keep our beloved cat with us and he wouldn’t have to get used to new people. Of course, life on board will be completely new for him and we hope that he will settle in quickly. We will prepare and plan everything as well as possible so that this works out.

We will report on how we do this and which alternative we end up with for Lucky in the next few posts.