Name wanted

While the names for our first two boats were quite simple (Blue Noot was already called that when we bought it and the lettering was not easy to remove. Hello World was the obvious choice), but now we are rather undecided and don’t really know what we want to call our new home. Well, with luck we’ll buy a second-hand boat with a name we already like. But what other options are there?

Once we had decided that we wanted a catamaran, the name had to match. A name that is easy to pronounce on the radio worldwide. A name that is easy to understand everywhere. One that is easy to spell. That suits the catamaran. That suits us. Not easy!

So now we sit and regularly brainstorm which names might fit. Here is a first selection:

  • Moin* or Moin Moin (after all, the cat has 2 hulls) – Nordic and short, but there are already numerous boats with similar names on the world’s oceans
    *Moin is the traditional greeting in Northern Germany
  • Lucky Cat – based on our cat Lucky
  • Double Trouble – two hulls = twice the work
  • LottoCat – of course only if a lottery win finances the cat.
  • Sunset Alert – if my wish for an orange cat comes true
  • Hello World Again, Hello World Too oder Hello World ² – it’s after all the second attempt to sail the world. However, the name was already more difficult to understand on the first trip and Hello World was too often turned into Hello Work…
  • Mobile Office – Maybe you can then deduct the catamaran from your tax bill?
  • Moana – the Hawaiian word for ocean (we came across it by chance while watching an old episode of Emergency Room). It’s a shame that we’re not the first to come up with this idea. You can already find a whole fleet of Moanas on the web – and we don’t want to have „just“ one more…
  • 4Two – 42 is known to be the answer to the question of the meaning of life and in the harbor you could perhaps cheat a little with the length of the boat.
  • Olé – if it is a Leopard catamaran, or
    Ola – if it becomes a Lagoon. Whereby we actually like Ola almost better with regard to La Ola – Spanish for the wave. With a little imagination, it could also be an abbreviation for Orange Lagoon. As I said, the dream of an orange cat is still alive!

Among the second-hand yachts there were always „acceptable“ names, such as Tranquila, Hasta Luego or – hard to believe – Hello World! However, the latter was clearly too far away for us with a berth in Fiji.

A difficult decision! And then there’s the problem of renaming…