Finally boatowners again!

Many thanks for keeping your fingers crossed!!! It worked out and after eight years we are back among the yacht owners.

After our first visit to Cornwall, we were able to successfully clarify all questions and general conditions and sign the purchase contract in advance. Just two weeks later, we went straight back to Cornwall to have a survey carried out for safety reasons. We take the Ryan Air flight from Bremen to Stansted again and take a different route to Falmouth this time. The route takes us right past Stonehenge and we have a great view of the famous stones from the car as we drive past. As you can hardly get any closer on foot, we save ourselves the stop and quickly continue west.

A few days before our arrival, owner Steve had already driven the catamaran to a slipway in Mylor Harbour and the underwater hull, keels, propeller and steering gear were meticulously inspected by surveyor Paul while standing high and dry on land. Back in Falmouth, the survey continued in our presence. The deck, technology and equipment are examined in detail, and the functionality and condition are checked. Apart from a few little things that owner Steve will take care of in terms of costs, there is nothing to complain about and so nothing really stands in the way of the purchase. All we have to do is transfer the money, then we’ll have a beautiful Lagoon 450 S and we’ll finally be boat owners again!

In the evening, we can round off the day with a lovely seafood dinner at the „Hooked on the Rocks“ restaurant. The route from the hotel takes us on foot via the so-called „Safe Route“ through Falmouth cemetery. In the light, the crooked gravestones and the overgrown grounds are a beautiful sight. Back in the dark, I quietly hum Thriller by Michael Jackson to myself. The „Hooked on the Rocks“ is aptly named as it is perched on the cliff. With great food, a wonderful view of the water and an amazingly tasty glass of Cornish wine, we enjoy ourselves. Right next door on Swanpool beach, the swimming season has already started. A lady swims her lengths in peace and quiet – at a water temperature of 11° C and wearing only a swimsuit, mind you!

We use Saturday to buy a few things for the planned transfer in a few weeks‘ time and bring them on board. So we drive to the yacht chandlery in Mylor and can have a look at the slipway again afterwards. Unfortunately, Axel catches a cold during the course of the day, so the rest of the day is spent very quietly and resting in bed in the hotel room.

The next day, with the ailing skipper in the car, we continued on to Oxford, where this time we treated ourselves to a stay in the former castle prison. As I had started to feel the first symptoms of a cold, the planned sightseeing in Oxford was unfortunately canceled. It’s a shame, because there would certainly have been some nice places to discover in the glorious weather.

The next day, we went a short distance to Standsted and then flew back to Bremen in the afternoon.

A successful trip to Great Britain, except for the sickly end. In a few weeks‘ time, I’ll take a one-way ticket back to Falmouth and then continue by cat to Germany.