Name found!

Yes, it was not an easy process. Thank you very much for your suggestions and tips!

In the end, our decision was made and we named our catamaran

„La Ola“

We had already come up with the name in our initial deliberations and now we want it to be the same.

Not only do we like the name, but it also meets our requirements. It is quite short and easy to spell over the radio (Lima – Alpha – Oscar – Lima – Alpha). You could even morse it quickly (. _ … .- – – – – .-.. .-). It is (hopefully) also easy to understand internationally. It has a connection to the sea, as La Ola is Spanish for the wave. It exudes a joyful mood when you think of the La Ola wave in soccer stadiums. There aren’t too many other La Olas on the world’s oceans. And you could take it as an abbreviation for the Orange Lagoon, because the catamaran is due to get an orange livery at some point. And yes, I know that this color choice is rather unusual and not everyone’s cup of tea. We even find the Hawaiian meaning of Ola very fitting (life, health, well-being, living, livelihood, means of sustenance, salvation; alive; curable, spared, restored; healed; live; spare, save, heal, grant life, survive, thrive).

Now that the name has been found, we also need a logo! We already have a few drafts and are curious to see which one is your favorite!